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Over the years, our DEAN payroll books have become a leader on the Canadian market. Retailing under the brand name Lefebvre in Quebec and Dean in the rest on the country, they have been adopted by more than 40,000 small businesses as they are easy to use and are adapted to the tax system of each province.

These advantages built our reputation, and you can now find them in the VSPS computerized payroll solution. Comprehensive and easy to use, this software, designed using our classic DEAN payroll book parameters, will save you considerable time.

On paper or on screen, we make payroll easier. An advantage for you!

Livre de paye

Our DEAN payroll book - A bestseller countrywide!

Why are our DEAN payroll books and pay slips so popular? Because they simplify payroll operations for small businesses. Easy to use, our DEAN payroll book has a page for each employee that allows you to enter all the data for a complete year. Completely synchronized with the book, the pay slips contain all of the compensation and deductions details, as required by Law.

Livre de paye

VSPS - Discover the new computerized payroll solution that brings big savings!

By automating payroll calculations, the VSPS software saves you time... and money! Developed by professional accountants with expertise in small businesses and inspired by the simplicity of the DEAN and LEFEBVRE payroll books, this tool delivers increased versatility and efficiency to payroll processing. Affordable and compatible with most accounting software, VSPS is a comprehensive payroll solution that meets the needs of all small businesses.

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