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« I absolutely love the VSPS payroll software. When we first opened our business, we did our accounting at home. We didn’t have a lot of financial resources or personnel ... » Read more
Claudie Arsenault
Coopérative du Cercle des supermamans, Canada

Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy VSPS ?

  • ...because this software will save you valuable time.
  • ...because VSPS will generate significant savings. When it’s time to do the annual financial statements, the data is already available and everything balances! This means lower accounting fees.
  • ...because it is a comprehensive, very user-friendly software package.
  • ...because it is based on the DEAN / Lefebvre payroll book.
  • ...because it has been developed by experienced accountants and is designed to meet the needs of thousands of small businesses like yours!

Does the software look like the DEAN payroll book ?

Absolutely! With the added plus of extra functions, like automated calculations and multiple report types.

Can I try the software before buying it ?

Of course! You can download a limited time trial version. Even better, there will be no solicitation after you’ve downloaded the trial version.

How long will it take me before I am able to comfortably use the software ?

For most people, one hour is often enough.

Is the software compatible with other applications ?

It certainly is! VSPS allows you to generate payroll entries and to export them to the following accounting software ledgers: Accpac, Simply Accounting, Acomba, DacEasy, Fortune 1000, MYOB or QuickBooks.

Can I have access to comments from existing users before I make up my mind ?

Yes, you can see various comments in the Customer Testimonials section. A recent survey shows a very high satisfaction rate among VSPS users.

How do I purchase a VSPS licence ?

Nothing could be simpler! Fill out the purchase order of VSPS payroll software and follow the instructions.

If I have questions before purchasing, who should I call ?

Please contact our VSPS software department at 1-877-999-0369. Don’t forget to mention that you are a DEAN or LEFEBVRE payroll books user, if it’s the case.

Is the VSPS software new ?

No, the VSPS software was developed ten years ago and is well proven. Hundreds of extremely satisfied canadian companies are already using it.

How significant is the time saving per year using the software ?

Our estimates show VSPS will save you many hours per employee annually, as well as saving you hours of data balancing and re-transcription. Saving you time while you enjoy the benefits of the software is our main goal.

What are the annual costs ?

For only $150 per year you can enjoy the advantages of the VSPS software. The price includes one hour of technical support. There are no hidden fees and all updates are included in the cost. We firmly believe that the VSPS solution is by far the best available to small business managers.

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VSPS | Phone: 1-877-999-0369